Wednesday, May 23, 2012

C.Ng's Personal Project: "A Boy named Sally"

Sally, dogs - Taz and Sugar, Abuela Maria, Abuelo Cele, little sister, Ceci , Father Jaime, Mother  Lilliandra and Big sister, Maya.

BFFs:  Elizabeth Fong, Sally Melendez and Marcus and Wellingtion Jackson the III.
Pitch for T.V series " A boy named Sally" is about  young Salvador Melendez or Sally as the neighborhood folks like to call him; growing up in the urban jungle of  New York and having adventures with his silver spoon best friend, Marcus Wellington Jackson III and secret crush, Elizabeth Fong from the upstairs apt.  With his loving, dynamic Melendez  family to always keep him in or out of trouble.
Character Development for "a Boy Named Sally" C.Ng 2012

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